Local transportation in LITHUANIA


Local transportation is one of the most important part of the transportation, it is our main business as well. By seeking to become the leader of this field, UAB “Baltic Line” established special department which manages local transportation in Baltic States. Our team will not only organize your cargo transportation, but will also choose the most financially beneficial solutions for you, monitor your cargo status on the road to reach the destination safely.

Cargo is shipped “from door to door” so it is time and money saving. In other words we accept all sorts of cargos from a sender and ship it right to the address of a recipient. Cargo can be fast and well delivered to any place in Lithuania, if it is necessary we do express shipping. We seek not to disappoint our clients and live up to their expectations, so in our work we are not guided only by standards because every transportation ordered by a client is individually and carefully planned and done the best and in responsible way. Such principle of work lets us have the best results and deserve our partners and clients trust. Because they know that they will be satisfied with the result of cooperating with UAB “Baltic Line”.

What about our gained experience for years of effective work and professional teamwork, we do guarantee fast, convenient and safe transportation. As we are guided by quality management systems, so every piece of a small transportation is delivered with all responsibility.

Local transportation by UAB “Baltic Line” is the fastest and the most convenient and safe way to ship your cargo to the customer.